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Algae Tabs 60g New

Algae Tabs 60g

Algae Tabs are ideal for all aquarium fish and especially bottom fish.The tabs can be pressed to the..


Aquatic Plant Fertiliser 150ml New

Aquatic Plant Fertiliser 150ml

Aquatic Plant FertiliserContains all the essential nutrients to promote health plant lift within you..


Dechlorinator / Water Conditioner New

Dechlorinator / Water Conditioner

It is necessary to add tap water to the aquarium, as part of a water change or a top-up. Tap water i..


Fancy Gold Fish Supreme 70g New

Fancy Gold Fish Supreme 70g

Fancy Gold Fish Supreme is a granulated fish feed designed for all types of cold water fish but is s..


Gold Fish Granules New

Gold Fish Granules

Goldfish GranulesIs a multi coloured feed for all aquarium Goldfish. The granules are approx 2 mm in..


Humic Aquatic Plant Stimulant 150ml New

Humic Aquatic Plant Stimulant 150ml

A Organic based plant food for aquariums.Promotes healthy growth of all aquarium and pond plants, wh..


Maxi Tablets Sicky New

Maxi Tablets Sicky

Complete food for all bottom feeding and timid fish.The tablet can be pressed to the side of the aqu..


Tonic Salt New

Tonic Salt

Tonic Salt promotes healthy gill function reduces stress and loss of electrolytes. It may be used t..